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Programming Services

Total Tech Solutions offers custom computer programming services. If it can be imagined, it can be done. Today nearly everything can be automated; computer programs can streamline every aspect of both business and life. Is there something you do every day that can be simplified? Are you preparing to launch a new project? We can help. Contact Total Tech Solutions now for a free consultation.

VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)

If you use Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, or Access, then you may find yourself in need of customized functionality. Macros can be written for Word and Excel to automate tasks, and event-driven triggers can be added to Access databases to process data and enhance efficiency. VBA is the programming language that makes this possible.

PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor)

PHP is an Open-Source scripting language used primarily for web development. Open-Source is free to use and is openly available for users to view and modify, which makes it stand apart from other web development solutions in its low implementation cost, versatile capabilities, and high efficiency.

PHP processes code on the server before it is sent to the client's internet browser, which makes it both powerful and secure. In this way PHP natively interfaces with MySQL databases and generates dynamic content.

Total Tech Solutions utilizes PHP together with MySQL, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript for web development, depending on the client's needs.