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Troubleshooting Services

Total Tech Solutions offers specialized computer hardware and software troubleshooting services. If your computer is slow, if your system is locking up or crashing, if your software is acting glitchy, if you're receiving repetitive error messages, or if you have any other computer-related problem, look no further. Total Tech Solutions is available for service calls to the home or office, and we are also equipped to solve software-related problems remotely. Call or click now to schedule your appointment!

Is your computer slow?

If you're having problems with computer performance, Total Tech Solutions can help. We have a wide bandwidth of experience in optimizing computer performance; we will work quickly to diagnose the cause and have your computer running properly right away, usually in the same day.

Common causes are configuration settings, excessive temporary files, bad hardware driver installations, malware (such as viruses, spyware, etc.), outdated or failing hardware, and corrupted operating system and/or software install files.

During a service call we will optimize your computer and software settings, remove any malware that may be present, test and benchmark hardware, and reinstall software if necessary. In extreme cases installations of Windows cannot be repaired; under these circumstances, we will backup your data to an external drive, format the existing hard drive and start over with a fresh installation of Windows. Contact Total Tech Solutions now; we will work quickly to optimize your system.

Is your system crashing? Software acting glitchy?

When a computer is powered off improperly, files being accessed at that time can be corrupted. This can cause minor hitches and technical problems in the operation of software, including the operating system and any software/apps installed. This can manifest as unexpected system crashes or operating system "blue screens", software crashing or behaving unexpectedly, and repetitive error messages.

Depending on the nature and severity of the issue, Total Tech Solutions can dispatch a service call to your home or office or connect to your computer and resolve the issue remotely. In addition to working quickly and being very thorough, we strive to educate our clients in certain steps of preventative maintenance when possible. We are always happy to share exactly what has been done to resolve any particular issue. Contact Total Tech Solutions now; we are ready to assist you.

Software not working properly?

In many cases software must be specially configured to maximize performance. Software that has not been configured correctly and software installations that have been damaged by corrupted data often need expert attention. Total Tech Solutions can usually address these kinds of issues quickly, so don't hesitate to contact Total Tech Solutions if you need help.

How does data get corrupted?

As we have described above, data corruption underlies many common computer issues, from glitchy software to full system crashes. Often data corruption occurs following power failure or through attempts to resolve secondary issues, like using free software to "clean" a computer. When dealing with corrupted files, it is often necessary to repair or reinstall existing software installations.

In the event of power failure or if a computer is turned off without shutting down properly, files that were being accessed can be damaged or lost. For the same reason, thumb or flash drives should always be properly ejected prior to removal.

If free software has been used to "clean" a computer, it is important to understand the potential consequences. There are many free programs available that claim to resolve slow computer issues and remove malware. In many cases these are effective, but unfortunately using such software to fix one problem often creates another. The software works by removing or modifying certain files and Windows registry entries, and if these were required for the normal operation of the Windows operating system or other software, it can cause a wide variety of unexpected behavior. Use these programs at your own risk.

Other causes of data corruption exist, including targeted attacks from viruses and malware. If your computer is exhibiting signs of data corruption, don't hesitate to contact Total Tech Solutions now. We will schedule an appointment right away.