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Total Tech Solutions has been building websites since 1998. At that time the web was young, and we have actively participated in its evolution. We are keenly aware of critical factors that other companies miss, from cosmetic problems like browser quirks and compatibility issues to key areas in business like bandwidth usage, loading time, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Let us empower your website with full database integration and administrative control. Reach your audience with just the right combination of imagery and content. Impress your clients, business associates, and friends alike when your idea comes alive with professional, easy-to-navigate clarity. Contact Total Tech Solutions now for a free consultation.

The Web Evolves

In the old days, only businesses had websites, and their functionality was limited. As technology and digital culture has advanced, the standard has changed. Now most everyone is represented online, be it through a website, an online journal or blog, social media, public records, or other services.

But what is that representation? Does it align with our goals?

How we are represented really does make a difference. Employers, business associates, relatives, and friends are all looking for information about us on the internet. It's never too early or too late to take control and establish our presence on the web.

Certainly digital image has become important for individuals, but it remains critical for businesses, moreso now than ever. Clients expect to access products and services quickly and easily. If a website is not intuitive and available, the business loses credibility. The customer or viewer base can be maximized by having a website that is simple and accessible, adaptive for all devices, including mobile devices and tablets.

Design First

When planning a new website, design should always come before development. Total Tech Solutions will work with you to establish a layout that you love before we get started with anything else. We will help you decide what colors best represent your idea and present you with various user-friendly layout options. If you want more flexibility than an out-of-the-box website can offer, contact Total Tech Solutions now.

The Open-Source Advantage

Total Tech Solutions utilizes cutting-edge Open-Source programming architecture, which delivers lightning-fast dynamic content without the high licensing and software fees associated with most alternatives. Because Open-Source software is supported by the programming community and is constantly being developed and improved, it is highly customizable and secure.

The PHP Advantage

PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is an Open-Source scripting language used for web development. Open-Source is free to use and is openly available for users to view and modify, which makes it stand apart from other web development solutions in its low implementation cost, versatile capabilities, and high efficiency.

PHP processes code on the server before it is sent to the client's internet browser, which makes it both powerful and secure. In this way PHP natively interfaces with MySQL databases and generates dynamic content.

Total Tech Solutions utilizes PHP together with MySQL, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript for web development, depending on the client's needs.